The Association is dedicated to improving the collection, use, and utility of crime data as reported through the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system, and all state and local crime reporting programs.

The Association intends to meet these goals through:

  • The sponsorship of education and training sessions at its annual meeting, as well as other opportunities;
  • through the encouragement of special and general research projects dealing with the use of crime data;
  • and through the development of cooperative relationships with policy-makers on the local, state, and federal level to encourage the development of improved systems to collect, analyze, and interpret crime data, and to use such data to develop effective public policy.

The Association shall formulate resolutions for consideration by, but not limited to, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the National Sheriff’s Association (NSA), the FBI’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), and the CJIS Advisory Policy Board (APB). The Advisory Policy Board (APB) Liaison of the Association represents the membership at committee meetings of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information System Advisory Policy Board UCR Subcommittee. The Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) Institute Liaison represents the membership at IJIS meetings.

The function of the Association shall be to represent its UCR Program participants on the state, regional, and national levels, as well as to provide a method of exchanging technical data on UCR methodology and efforts on a regional, state, and local level.